About Us

Who We Are

Each of our team have worked in various careers for 20 years plus.  We come from varied careers from aviation, farming, manufacturing, banking, organisation psychology etc.  Since leaving these positions, we have all completed futher education and training in the world of coaching, training, organisation development, psychology etc.

We have come together and pooled our knowledge and skills.  More than that we have a passion for what we are trying to do….. which is to create workplaces that are viable and vibrant.  We want each individual to have a great life at work and we want their businesses to succeed and prosper.  

Is there a better way?  We believe so and we have set about firstly to create that working environment for ourselves and then to help other businesses do the same.

Do we know it all?  No.  But we are constantly learning and adjusting.  Are you?

What We Believe

We believe in the potential of the individual, the team and the organisation to create an environment that is positive for the individual and the organisation.

We believe in our capacity to help you do this.

We will behave with honesty and integrity. We will call it as we see it.

We will champion your cause as long as it does not compromise our integrity. We are brave enough to walk if it does.

We focus on making you successful, because this in turn will make us successful.

We believe in team work and collaboration.