Pat Duggan


What I do:
Director of Shimoda. For many years I held the belief that there must be “a better way of working”. Now, I spend my working life making this happen. I build strong and honest relationships with our clients and together we collaborate to create a working environment with high performance that fulfils the needs of the people and the organisation.

What I did:
Like so many business people I have met in recent years, my career started in the family business - farming. Even then I had the urge to “find a better way”. That brought me to managing projects to help people in the farming industry use their knowledge and skills to have a more fulfilling career. For the past 6 years I have worked as a business coach, trainer and consultant in many companies, ranging from small enterprises to large pharma organisations in Ireland and UK. I believe in the strength of the team (sport being my other passion!) and this lead to the creation of Shimoda and building a team of people who are as passionate about my work and your work as I am.

What I hope to do:
I believe that Shimoda will grow and prosper as we work to share what we have learned in how to create innovative, dynamic and successful workplaces. Our success depends on us helping you to be your best. We will continue to grow and learn and we will bring some much needed simplicity, clarity and focus to workplaces.

My favourite quote at this moment in time:
“Be yourself because everyone else is already taken” Oscar Wilde