Executive Coaching     

 Our Perspective

There are many definitions for coaching.  The one we prefer is referred to in “Coaching for    Performance “by John Whitmore, which is:-

            Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance.

We Believe.

We passionately believe in the individual’s ability to achieve their goals.  Our skills is in helping people to help themselves.  This is a positive experience with you and for you, that delivers improved results. 

 We offer an Executive Coaching service to middle and senior Management and             Business Owners.

 Why would you want one to one coaching?

This service is primarily sought after by Managers and Executives for the following:

-                      Clarification and focus of their vision for the future

-                      Implementation of organizational change

-                      Improve confidence and competence (personal, interpersonal and situational)

-                      Align roles and individuals with organization goals

-                      Improve Team performance

-                      Personal motivation and motivation of staff

-                      Career planning

-                      Goal setting and action planning

-                      Time management / Balance

-                      Improve communications

 How is this done? 

We provide one to one coaching.  Sessions are scheduled for your convenience.  We will champion you and challenge you.  It is all in the power of the conversation, the relationship between you and the coach and the actions taken as a result.


What are the benefits?

Better understanding of self, how you operate and this in turn will lead to improved personal and business performance, with your goals being achieved on time.