Resolving Conflict

 Our Perspective

Wouldn’t everything be great if there wasn’t any conflict between people? Yes it would but unfortunately this is not always the case.

            Ask yourself the following questions;

            Is there unresolved conflict in your business?

            Does every attempt to communicate result in an argument and stress/hassle?

What are the consequences of you not taking action to solve this problem?

We Believe.

Unresolved conflict in a business between individuals, teams, departments or even wider causes untold damage in terms of wasted time, stress, poor productivity, loss of profit etc.

Working directly with the “people” involved is essential in resolving any/all conflict which lies with them.

Ideally “outside skilled help” is needed to resolve these conflicts. By contacting us you are taking the first step towards a successful resolution to the stress and hassle your business and you are now suffering.

Why would you want our help in resolving conflict?

We have years of experience in helping resolve conflict within business relationships. From our experience meaningful and lasting resolution can be achieved by using a facilitator. Our facilitators are highly experienced and have a proven track record of success.

How is this done? 

Initially we meet the business leader to discuss the situation, the impact it is currently having on the business and the history behind the conflict.

We then meet with the individuals involved on a one to one basis to get “their view of the world”. Our experience shows that individual perspectives on the cause of the conflict can vary enormously and invariably therein lies the beginning of the solution.

Overall our approach is one of consultation and trusted support, facilitation of result-focused dialogue, identifying what is in the best interests of the business and getting people to “want to agree” on how to work together effectively.

What are the benefits?

Firstly the conflict is resolved – easing the stress and improving the working relationships involved. While this is the main purpose of our intervention and support, we have also found that we have facilitated improved performance, morale and productivity as a result.