Shimoda GROW    

Our Perspective

Our collective wisdom so far indicates that real and substantial change within a             company can only happen when the management, operation and behaviour are integrated and developed at the same time. Combine the “hard” and “soft”  skills.  Many initiatives exist which deal with either one or the other.  Shimoda develop and deliver interventions that integrate both.   Companies that develop both at the same time, benefit from             greater results in a cost effective manner. 


  We Believe.

 A successful company is one with a clear vision and goals that are achieved by people that are fully engaged and take pride and ownership in their role and in the success of the company.   We believe that there is huge untapped potential within companies.            

How is this done? 

We use the framework of the Shimoda GROW model. 

There is a diagnostic phase where the operational, organisational and behavioural aspects of the company are examined. This gives clarity around the vision and an in dept look at the reality of the situation. 

Following this there is a collaboration phase whereby in partnership with you we find and design the appropriate solution.  These solutions are drawn from what is considered best practice in successful companies. 

This will include aspects of the business management system, Six Sigma, Toyota production system and on the behavioural side, leadership, relationships, communications and coaching. 

Why would you do this?

There is an economic and social imperative for all companies to achieve higher level of competitiveness, sustainability and promote and develop human potential. A lot of lessons are being learned about running a business over the past few years.   Companies form an important part of our social system and it is now time for every company to show that their success is not just a short term profit making entity but   an organization that makes a profit in a manner that is socially responsible.

The Shimoda GROW approach is a powerful way to help companies increase profits in an inclusive and transparent manner.

What are the benefits?

For the individual:  I know what I need to do in work and I enjoy doing it

For the team:   We all work together effectively and deliver improved results.

For the company:  It is vibrant, dynamic, profitable and sustainable.