Dr. Mike Vandermark

Organisation / Industrial Psychologist

What I do:
In the US and occasionally in Ireland I serve client organisations as a consulting Industrial / Organisational Psychologist. I/O psychology is the scientific study of the workplace, and in that regard I work with people in the areas of organisation development and design, leadership and management development, teambuilding, strategy and change initiatives, coaching, personality and attitude assessment, employee motivation, group dynamics, and an array of services related to advancing human achievement on the job. It has been an enjoyable 25 years to date, and I plan to keep on going for 25 more. In addition to consulting, I teach as adjunct faculty in masters and doctoral programs for three US Universities.
What I’ve done:

I began my career as a military pilot, then airline pilot, and eventually in my present role. Related to aviation psychology, I designed and deployed the first Crew Resource Management (CRM) program in the US that brought airline pilots and flight attendants together to address human factors and safety-related challenges facing the US airline industry.
I’ve owned an operated my consulting practice for 14 years and as a result have had the opportunity to contribute to the lives of others in and out of a variety of industries and workplaces. Some of my best work has occurred in the arena of executive off-site programmes, designing and delivering large system change initiatives, conflict intervention, and the development of authentic, dialogue-driven high performing teams. I’ve written a book and a number of training programs, two that include the use of music and parodies as training tools.
What I hope to do:

I look forward to more international opportunities. I am intrigued by cross-cultural work and always learn much from those I visit. I enjoy my role as a university and corporate educator and plan to continue along that path indefinitely.
My favourite quote at this moment in time:

“Every organization is perfectly designed to get the results it gets.”- David Nadler

Email: info@shimoda.ie