“Yes We Can” Programme

 Our Perspective

The major cause of problems in organisations is not due to processes but is more often caused by dysfunctional interpersonal dynamics .  Conflict is rarely the result of technical issues but is usually based on some underlying fear. Success and effectiveness depend on synergies that are created when people are in alignment with one another.  Only then can team, department and organisation goals be achieved. People in work relate to one another based on the task at hand, where in fact it should be about the relationship between them. If the relationship is good, then the task is done efficiently. 


We believe

Focus on  “Task” is about roles, functions, strategies and tactics. 

Focus on “Relationship” is about trust, safety, understanding and respect. 

Focusing on the “technical” alone will never give the required results.  It never has and it never will.

In Shimoda, we have development the “Yes We Can” programme.  This has proven to radically change the awareness, thinking and actions of individuals which results in healthy working relationships.  These new relationships and their dynamics result in effective, motivated teams that deliver bottom line results.

Case studies are available on request.  Click here


 What is involved?

It is not a case of “one size fits all”.  This programme is changed and adapted for each organisation depending on the individuals involved, the current relationship dynamics, their beliefs and values and their goals and the goals of the organisation.


From our experience we can say that in all cases the following is included:


-       Coaching conversations with Leaders and team members

-       Self awareness training (organisational awareness is only the sum total of each employees self awareness.)

-       Understanding why we do what we do and how we do what we do.

-       Understanding of working relationships and how to build them

-       Communication skills including coaching skills

-       Conscious look at Intentions and behaviours

-       Building trust and respect

-       Team alignment  (mention and out the elephants)

-       Team Agreements and Commitments

The time needed for this intervention and training is individual to each organisation.